For the safety and enjoyment of yourself and others, please read the following guidelines before using our athletics track.

It is important that everybody reads our etiquette guide before they visit the track at Three Hills Sports Park.

Ultimately, for the safety and enjoyment of yourself and others, please be considerate of all other athletes.

If you consistently fail to follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave the track.

For any queries, please speak to the duty manager on site.

Athletics track etiquette

  1. Trainers or 6mm maximum pyramid/christmas tree spikes only when using the track
  2. DANGER – never cross the throwing field inside the ropes. Throwing implements can cause serious harm/death
  3. No standing in any lane. No walking or jogging in lanes 1-3 under any circumstances
  4. All activity must be carried out anti-clockwise unless with prior agreement of the management
  5. Always look left and right before crossing the track
  6. No group may use more than 4 lanes at any one time unless they have booked sole use of the track
  7. Hammer & shot throwers must fill in their own holes after each session
  8. All throws must be made from the correct throwing area and in the correct direction unless with prior agreement of the management
  9. Young athletes (under 16s) must be supervised at all times. All field events must be supervised by a qualified coach for all under 18s
  10. Sprint groups to use lanes 3, 4 & 5 unless with prior agreement of the management
  11. Middle distance groups to use lanes 6 & 7
  12. Warms ups & cools downs to use lane 8
  13. Always finish your run in your lane and then clear the track
  14. If another runner is in your way call out “track”. The runner in front is expected to move out of the way
  15. All equipment must be returned after use and put away tidily where it was found
  16. All water bottles and bags must be kept off the track
  17. No ball games are allowed to be played on the track, infield or surrounding area
  18. Children and non-athletes must remain outside the track perimeter whilst sessions are in progress
  19. NO earphones to be on the track or field at any time (bone conducting earphones are exempt but please make other users aware)
  20. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rollerskates/blades & pushchairs are NOT to be used within the track
  21. Clothing/kit – appropriate training gear must be worn at all times, especially when junior athletes are also using the track. Tops and leggings/shorts must be worn at all times
  22. Please use appropriate language & behaviour at all times.  No spitting
  23. No smoking or vaping allowed
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